LP 20


Worm Dimension
Machine Length
Machine Width
Machine Height
Power Consumption
Net Weight
20 -22 Tons FFB/Hour
Horizontal Double Screw Worm
370 mm Diameter x 1140 Long
8 - 10 rpm
5260 mm approx.
2000 mm approx.
1160 mm approx.
37.5 KW/50 HP TEFC Motor
8500 kgs approx.
Hydraulic Unit

Working Pressure
Tank Capacity
Power Consumption
Automatic Reaction Cone Control
System Constant Pressure Type
600 - 1200 psi
60 litres
810 mm x 645 mm x 405 mm
1.5 KW/2 HP TEFC Motor
Speed Reducer Helical Geared Unit c/w Safety Slipping
Clutch Pulley

The manufacturer reserve the right to modify for alter the design of the machine that seem necessary without prior notice.