Spare Parts, Machineries & Equipments for palm Oil Mill & Sugar Mill (Industrial Construction & Engineering Works)

Ordinary Wear and Tear Parts For Screw Press and Digester

Steel Press Cage

Press Cage
ASTM A515 Grade 70 (JIS 3118)

Press Cage
High Tensile Carbon Steel S45C

Ord. Screw Worms Ordinary
Screw Worms
CrMo RC 48-52
Seg. Worms

Views of Machinaries and Equipments for Palm Oil Mill and Sugar Mill (Industrial Construction & Engineering Works)

Laju Screw Press & Digester in Pressing Station of POM

Station 2 Station 1



Sterilizer Tippler

Laju Ripple Mill in Kernel Station of POM

Ripple Mill

Loading Ramp

Loading Ramp
Threser Threser
Nut Silo Nut Silo

Polishing Drum

Polishing Drum
Empty Bunch Conveyor Empty Bunch Conveyor
Aerator A View of
Laju Low Speed Aerator
in Aeration Pond of Waste Water Effluent
Treatement of POM
Sulphuric Tab. for Sugar Mill Sulphuric Tabulator for Sugar Mill

The manufacturer reserve the right to modify for alter the design of the machine that seem necessary without prior notice.