Continuous Mono and Double Screw Presses


Utilizing the many years of the experience in the field of fabrication and manufacturing of Palm Oil Machineries. The Laju Continuous Double Screw Presses have been specially designed and manufactured for Palm Oil Extraction. Press Constructed with the Segmented Screw Worms can be supplied subject to confirmation. (not recommend).


Extensive research has been done to ensure that the Laju Continuous Double Screw Presses gives its high efficiency and optimum result in respect of :

a. Performance
In designing, consideration is given to the manufacture of the presses in order to provide for continuous operation, high extraction efficiency with low maintenance cost as well as to meet any future variations in processing of Palm Oil.

b. Durability
The Press is constructed with steel frame and all critical working parts are precision machined to minimize possible wear and tear thus ensuring longer durability than most conventional models.

c. Operation
Easy operation of automatic hydraulic system is guarantee with simplified instructions provided to its users. One operator can run 6 presses.

d. Maintenance
Special design of hinge pin door to the press body has been given to ease of dismantling and assembly of the press as well as for its parts so as to ensure minimum loss of time spent on servicing and replacement of press cages and screw worm etc.

e. After Sale Services
Ease of availability of spare parts thus ensuring minimal loss of time and revenues due to any possible trouble with the operation of the press. Technical advices and services where required will be promptly attended to.

Available products (click for detail)

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LP 4 - 6
Laju Continous Mono Screw Press

(Capacity 4 TO 6 Tons/FFB/Hour)
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LP 10 - 15
Laju Continous Double Screw Press

(Capacity 10 TO 14 Tons/FFB/Hour)
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LP 17M
Laju Continous Double Screw Press

(Capacity 15 TO 17 Tons/FFB/Hour)
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LP 20
Laju Continous Double Screw Press

(Capacity 20 TO 22 Tons/FFB/Hour)
The manufacturer reserve the right to modify for alter the design of the machine that seem necessary without prior notice.