Company's Profile

Formerly our company name was CHUAN HUAT & CO established in 1954. The Company was re-organized by the whole family share-holders in 1979 namely PT. Sempurna Jaya Laju in the beginning of manufacturing plants for normally Wear and Tear moving parts for palm oil mill, to do construction, reparation and fabrication several sections (stations) such as Sterilizer Station, pressing station, kernel recovery station and clarification etc.

Utilizing the experience of many kinds of work as above, since 1981 our company afford to design and construct the palm oil mill machineries such as Sterilizer, Thresher , Digesters, Screw Presses, Double Nut Crackers, Vibrating Separators, Vibrating Screens, Vacuum Oil Dryers and Hydrocyclones Plant etc.

Taking the view that Pressing Station (Oil extract station) and Kernel Recovery Station are a vital and essential factor of palm oil losses and palm kernel losses in the processing of a Palm Oil mill, the company considered to develop to be a specialist for those machineries manufacturer, there are :

- Continuous Mono or Double Screw Presses
- Steam Jacketed or Non Steam Jacketed Digesters
- Ripple Mills (Nut Cracker) - Vibrating Screen Separators
- EFB Shreadders
- EFB Presses
- EFB Shredding Presses
- Etc.

Till now, there are more than 50 mills in Indonesia operating LAJU screw presses and machineries which have been taken commissioning by our company and now are still having the maintenance contracts for their pressing station. We also very attentively to the after sale services. Our technician is free of charge to survey to your pressing station of the mill in order to provide high extraction efficiency for continuous operation of the presses year after year thus ensuring minimum loss in the cause of unnecessary stagnation.

Utilizing many years of experience in the field of fabrication and manufacturing of palm oil pressing station machineries, if there have any problems or unsatisfactory of your palm oil extraction in your pressing station, please do not hesitate to contact us.